TBOX FAQs – 2021 Edition – All About Festa’s Original 12 Bars of Xmas

TBOX Royal Court

Here are some FAQs for TBOX in General, and TBOX 2021 in Particular! What does TBOX Stand For?T  welveB  arsO  fX  mas— Originally, TBOX was actually 12 bars in a row, all attended by the same people at the same time.  As we grew, we couldn’t sustain this model, so it became “This group of […]

The 2021 TBOX Frames & Cutouts – Back to the 90s!


We invented these Picture Frames back in 2002, and they’ve been a par tof TBOX ever since! Sharpie-Written and Hand-Cut until 2007, They’ve since been professionally printed, and the last 7 years courtesy of our Sponsor, Bud Light!  We are mixing it up a little this year, and we have some great 90s Frames for […]

About Mr. Festa, Founder of TBOX (Updated for 2022)

Chris Festa with Mister Festa Cape

(Me Writing…) – If you’re checking out this page, thanks and good for you!  People around Chicago seem to know about me as “The TBOX Guy” – which wasn’t really how I planned my life out, but it just happened that way! I started TBOX in 1996 just for Fun, Friends, and Meeting Girls.  It […]

The TBOX 2021 Stickers

TBOX Stickers from 2021 - TBOX Bar Crawl - 12 Bars of Xmas

Stickers have been a part of TBOX since 2002, when Mr. Festa killed a bunch of Ink Cartridges (and maybe a few at some of his friends’ employers……) and Avery Address Labels, started sticking people, and a tradition was born!  Collecting Stickers is an integral part of TBOX, and for 2021, we have some fun […]

TBOX 2021 Charity Bar Hosts

TBOX Charity - TBOX Donates to Lakeview Neighborhood

TBOX Bar Crawls / Festa Parties Incorporated / Christopher Festa have donated over $300,000 to Charities since starting TBOX.  For the past several years, we have partnered with and supported the Lakeview East Community Partnership with a portion of the proceeds from TBOX, and will be doing so for TBOX 2021, directly benefiting our Lakeview […]

Losing Your TBOX Virginity in 2021 – EVERYONE IS A VIRGIN AGAIN!!

TBOX - 12 Bars of Xmas Pub Crawl - Chicago Wrigleyville Christmas Bar Crawl

We have some shocking news to announce… 2020 Threw off the Karmic Balance of the TBOX Universe and Erased all our Records and… EVERYONE IS A VIRGIN AGAIN!! You read that right – no matter how many times you’ve been to TBOX – and some people have been to all 24… 2020 wiped the record […]

Opening & Closing Ceremonies at TBOX2021

TBOX Closing Ceremonies

Opening & Closing Ceremonies have been a TBOX Tradition since 2003 – when they were under the El Tracks next to Mr. Festa’s Wrigley apartment – then moved to the stage of Cubby Bear where they’ve been since 2007!  This is where we officially Kick Off the Day — and this year, we have a […]