TBOX 2015 Royal Court Scavenger Hunt

Here is the Official #TBOX2015 Royal Court Applicant Scavenger Hunt and Here are the RULES! To those applying to be on the #TBOX2015 Royal Court – here are the scavenger hunt items. You must get THIRTY (30) of these which must include the first 2. You must be wearing your #FestaPartier t-shirt or holding your

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TBOX 2015 Royal Court Application

So you think you’re Royal Material? The Casting Call for the Royal Court of TBOX 2015 – THE MOTION PICTURE starts right now! NOTE: IF YOU WANT TO DO THIS, EMAIL US ASAP BY JULY 13! Festa Parties is officially recruiting for new members of our prestigious TBOX ROYAL COURT, to serve as our Brand

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