The TBOX Frames

We know that you and your friends want to take lots of photos when you come to the TBOX Incorporated Bar Crawls. Our PHOTO FRAMES are one of the many memories you’ll be getting from TBOX! Plus, the day maybe a little bit hazy, so why not help jog your memory by posing in one of our legendary frames?? Are you ready for your close up on Saturday, December 10th?? Take a look at some of the FUN frames for this years TBOX and our Older Frames!

v2 who invited these peopleTBOX_FRAME_CHICAGO_FUN_WRIGLEY_2016tbox2015_01553-1-draggedtbox_2015_party_chicago_wrigleyville_budlight_winter_singles_framesTBOX 2014 Frame at Cubby Bear

How did this start? As a youth, Mr. Festa remembered seeing these “Kodak Picture Spot” signs all around Disney World telling you where nice places to take a picture would be. It seemed really absurd, like, do you really need to be told where to take a picture? But it stuck in his head… and he happened to remember this in 2002, but wanted to enhance the concept. So he bought a piece of foam board, cut out the center, wrote around the outside, and the first frame was born – and it was a hit! By 2008, we started making professional frames, and today, our sponsor Bud Light prints beautiful full-color frames for every TBOX venue. We also have frames for our other crawls throughout the year!

TBOX Picture Spot
The Absurd Inspiration for the TBOX Frames… Are These Really, Really Necessary?
Frames Throughout the Years, Including the Handwritten Frames 2002-2007, and the Printed Frames Starting 2008 (Click Any Photo to Enlarge)

Posing in Frames at TBOX 2014

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