Chicago Mardi Gras Bar Crawl
#BeadQuest2017 will take place February 18, 2017!

BeadQuest is the Festa Parties Bead-Collecting, Mardi Gras-themed Pub Crawl origniated in 2009 to bring New Orleans style fun to Chicago in the middle of winter. Since then, over 15,000 FestaPartiers have experienced this intense, high energy Mardi Gras Pub Crawl to get them through the last dark days of February before March Madness and St. Patrick’s Day bring a little ray of hope! And who doesn’t love BEADS, BEADS, and MORE BEADS!?!?!?

Check out our 2016 Pub Crawl Photos Here!


BeadQuest Mardi Gras Pub Crawl (and yes it’s one word we invented, but we’ll say Bead Quest here in case you search for that… or even #BeadQuest) involved collecting NUMBERED BEADS One thru Ten at 10 Bar Crawl Stops in Wrigleyville spread across about 20-25 bars. In addition to the 1000 of each numbered bead, our team of BeadBITCHEZZZZ and BeadBastardZZZZ from our Royal Court also toss out over 50,000 other beads to keep everyone amused.

How does BeadQuest work? We have 10 stops, and at each, we throw out a special bead with a numbered disc – #1 thru #10 – and your mission is to collect all ten beads. Each year, we distribute over 55,000 beads at the BeadQuest Pub Crawl, so there are plenty to go around for everyone. And it’s not just beads! BQ features…

  • Free Face and Body Painting
  • New Orleans / Cajun Food Tasting Portions at each stop
  • The Famous Festa Frames to capture your photographic memories!
  • And perhaps most important of all, THOUSANDS of Chicago’s coolest party people – most of them SINGLE! – who are out in the middle of winter to rock Wrigleyville!

beadquest_2016_party_event_festa_parties_february_mardi_gras_bud_light_crowd_beadsbeadquest_2016_party_event_festa_parties_february_mardi_gras_bud_light_crowd_beadsbeadquest_2016_party_event_festa_parties_february_mardi_gras_bud_light_crowd_beadsbeadquest_2016_party_event_festa_parties_february_mardi_gras_bud_light_crowd_beadsbeadquest_2016_party_event_festa_parties_february_mardi_gras_bud_light_crowd_beadsCheck out the links to see some of our cool pictures from previous years! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and join our mailing list to get the latest information. We want to see you at the largest Mardi Gras Pub Crawl happening in Wrigleyville! See you at the next BeadQuest! #BeadQuest2017 2/18/2017

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